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About Us

Made For Divers By Divers

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Matanel Barak

Founder & CEO

Living in Beer Sheva, Israel for the past three years, I've balanced my days as a certified product manager with the thrill of QA and project management. Scuba diving has always held a special place in my heart. A childhood memory of a not-so-smooth introductory dive with my mom still lingers, but that didn't stop the dream! In 2022, I finally took the plunge again, this time with my partner by my side. It turns out, love wasn't the only thing that sparked on that dive – it was my newfound passion for the underwater world.


Niva Barak

Founder & COO

bachelor's degree in biotechnology engineering at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev equipped me for the scientific world, but my heart craved adventure. Five years ago, I took a scuba diving course in Eilat, only to be sidelined by a panic attack on the third day. It was a setback, but not a dealbreaker. Fast forward to 2022, and my partner and I conquered the advanced open-water course together, transforming scuba diving into a shared passion that lets us explore new depths.

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